♥ My Work at Home Dream 2015 ♥

Well here I am after all these years I want to really get this home business started! I have always wanted to do this as far back as I can remember. When the kids where still at home. But as it was I couldn’t afford to do it then. And still can’t now but I am going to have faith and stay positive I can get this dream of mine up and running before I get to old =) I may be 63 but I am wanting to get this up and running as soon as I can. I know it will be ok. So much goes into this equipment and cake supplies. For a start and also when getting the business started.

1. Home Inspection

2. Food permit

3. Zoning permit

4. Home and car insurance

I want to start up a Cake decorating Business and start out light with just the neighbors and the mobile home park I live in. And maybe the club house here will want a few for there events or (Coffee And) on Wednesdays =) I am so excited and into this plan. I am going to keep on it till I can get decorating and making on the

Beautiful Cakes!! ♥


 Cupcakes!! ♥

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Pop Cakes!! ♥


Macrons!! ♥


Cookies!! ♥

SONY DSC48265125a5ac22314cb39616ff066d3e

I am going to take a class that will get me my Cake decorating certificate. Then I can proudly hang it right up there with my Floral Design Certificate.Seems the Floral design will come in handy with cake decorating..right ? =) I been buying books to help me out and taking some helpful classes with Craftsy site.

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