♥ Weddings of True Love ♥

~April 24 2004~
Jeremy & Shellie

the Renaissance Era

Yes I am in a fantasy world , but hey we all need some imagination don’t you think? I play the video games that have the fighting swords and staves, so much fun, that’s another story to be shared.

I met Jeremy on a online game called EverQuest and we became friends, and played together him in Australia- Perth and me here in the US -California. We knew each other for oh about 2 years and fell in love. So I said come over here and stay with me, which he did and a few months after he arrived we got married. I really think after all my life I found someone who treats me good and we get along so well. ♥

We decided to get married in Las Vegas, at the Excalibur Hotel. They had a chapel there and you could dress up for the Renaissance look. I should have been born in the Mid evil era lol


Yes they loved doing this for me. And we

had our reception at the Mid evil Show after the wedding. Called The Tournament of Kings. Still at the Excalibur ! ♥

We all had a great time. I might say this was the most exciting time I have had in years! Thanks you Jeremy for being in my life and making such a amazing and awesome adventure. We are true soul mates, truly honored to have you here with us in the US!

I love where your from, and I do hope that some day I can see it in person.

April ♥Joanna & Eric’s  ♥ 28

Beautiful Beach Wedding

It’s All about family!

Oct. ♥ Sarah & Johnnies  ♥ 23
Beautiful Out door Wedding


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