♥ My Son Johnnie ♥

My second born , Johnnie, Sept. 5, 1977 Torrance CA.

Yep Born right on labor day, couldn’t ask for anything more, lol Now he was a tough one to keep I almost lost him twice. During pregnancy I got heat stroke and was put in the hospital, cause it started my labor pain. They put my on what they call a cheap drunk , it slows the labor down and back to normal, he was not ready to be born to soon. I believe that was when I was about 7 month along. 

    The next was during labor, I was not having a good time of it this round since the hospital didn’t give me any pain medications. And I was pushing when I was suppose to relax so I was told I was compressing the baby’s breathing. Well why didn’t I get help? I will never figure that one out. But he

came out with flying colors. And as for me well I was a mess lol 

Just glad he made it, I was really having a difficult time , since me and his father where going threw a rough time in our marriage. These two kids of mine got me threw a whole lot of rough times just being there , and I had them to keep me going and with so much love!! I don’t know where or what my life would have been if I never had them. But I am happy with the results and they are most awesome kids today! 

Very proud of them both, as for Johnnie he had is ups and downs but he is a real trooper he gets threw those tough times and stands tall. He is a jack of all trades and when he has work he works hard. 

Right now he is being the stay at home father to his newly added daughter Temperance! And I must say he is doing a fantastic job of raising her, so his wife Sarah can bring in the income for them all. Temperance just turned 3 here in March! She is a doll and a special amazing little girl. She really charms the hearts of who ever meets her. Cute is not enough for this one =)


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