♥ My Daughter Joanna ♥

Long Beach

My First Born ♥ Oct.20, 1970 Granada Hills, CA

My first baby first born. I was working a glass factory when I became pregnant and later took leave to deliver this beautiful baby girl. I remember it all. You never forget this experience first time. Back then we didn’t know how to tell the sex of the baby like they do now days. So when she was born I was excited, but remembering there dad had told me.. I said oh John my (husband) wanted a boy, (doctor) replied well then we can just stuff this one back in! lol Umm I said no way I am happy as a clam. He can just lump it =) So here we have Joanna Elizabeth, help named by her dads family. 

We lived an a small ranch out side of Valencia, Ca. Had a couple appaloosa horses , named Bug-a-Boo and John had a colt can’t recall the name now.  We also had a donkey ,who liked to run away from time to time, so I had to go after him all the time. We had dogs and cats, there where lots of wild life out there. Scary at times. Wood burning stove for heat. And just the winds and cool evening for heat re leaf. We both worked at a glass factory, and today is torn down. But loved working there. Worked rotating shifts for 7 years. I then got pregnant with my second born Johnnie.

Joanna went to elementary school there until later when we moved out to Palm Dale. And then the divorce and I went to Long beach to stay with my mom and step dad’s place there. With my two kids and later moved out into my own place in Signal Hill , Long Beach. There apartment was way to small for us all and we all needed our space. =) 

As time went on she made good grades and many friends. Her high school she graduated from was.

Long Beach Polytechnic High School

She went on with her own life growing up to a very beautiful and smart woman. Took collage courses in becoming a nurse. And that she did ! Very proud to say and she is new working as a nurse for Hospice. This on it’s own is a very hard field to be in. Have to to deal with  the end of life and death. 
Me and Joanna 2014
And Now her daughter is going to collage to become a nurse! Go Reanna you can do this! We are here for you all the way! ♥

♥ Joanna & Eric ♥


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