♥ Jeremy’s Family ♥

And to all the family in Australia!! ♥

I have talked with them and see pictures but never had the pleasure to meet you all in person. I would love to! I am sure you are as delightful as I pictured and hear about from Jeremy! I think about you guys all the time. And wonder what you think of me. I know Jeremy came to be here with me. And that was totally his choice. I know it was going to be a weird adventure being in a new country and all for him. He seems to cope well. And I am sure he misses you all very much. I know if I was him I would. It bothers me deep down to think of how far away he is from his family. I am not a mean person I care about him and hope that you don’t think badly of me for him coming here to be with me. I am a mother and Grandmother too, I have some family not much these days cause they all have pretty much passed away. So I know what it’s like to have family.

I wish that some day we came come see you all. Money has been the main issue. And I can’t work since I feel off the ladder a couple years ago, my back and knee is not doing as well as it should. Been trying to get disability, but is hard to do here in the states. Most everything is these days. Getting a bit rough here now. Not like it was years ago. A bit scary I would say. I am sure God will take care of all this some day.

Thank you for being patent and hopefully a bit understanding to my point of view. Not sure what Jeremy tell you if anything that is. I love him very much and he has done a great bit here to help me out especially when all the money was gone and when I fell he has always been there for me. And his uplifting spirits are always a blessing.

Well any way hope to see you all one day. God Bless! 

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